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Annette Himstedt DollAnnette Himstedt Dolls

Annette Himstedt Dolls

Annette Himstedt dolls are very sought after certified collectible dolls, with those real-life features in the facial expression. This popularity mostly derives from the exquisite detail in the creation of a real life-like persona, body size and features of this doll. It's like having a real companion, as us owners would testify. Annette Himstedt sadly had to close her production facility in 2008 due to rising costs and reducing orders.

With the continued interest in these dolls, obtaining one is now naturally more difficult - but no impossible. Some commercial suppliers may have a few new items in stock, but success is usually had from eBay sellers in the U.S. with that country being Himstedt's biggest market for these dolls.

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What's My Doll Worth

With doll collectors often classed as 'dedicated enthusiasts', this sector is more likely to garner keen prices for dolls especially for Victorian-era dolls and end-of-production models such as Annette Himstedt. It is wise to assume that no matter what a price guide tell you about your dolls worth, actual doll values are subject to basic market needs and availability. The following guides may be helpful and give a general idea of a dolls potential worth. - What is the value of a doll? - General doll price guide

Wise Doll Care Tips

1. Keep your doll out of direct sunlight and strong fluorescent light. After some time, such light can ripple the plastic, turn vinyl green and discolor resin.

2. Keep dolls aired at most times, but when storing for long periods avoid air-tight plastic storage as mold can easily grow in such conditions. If you do use such storage, ensure there is some ventilation so that air circulates into the container or bag.

3. Any certificates or documentations your doll is supplied with should be kept in a manila folder or plastic sleeve to stop fading over time. These documents are like a birth certificate, and will prove valuable if selling or parting with your doll in the future.

4. For most dolls, accessories and plush items, you should keep these dust-free with a soft cloth or small soft brush. Use an air-spray designed for computers to remove dust particles from small spaces.

5. Hand-painted vinyl, artist's resin or porcelain dolls can be cleaned with a very mild soap-and-water solution, then rinse with clear water and carefully dried by hand. Use water sparingly. In most cases it's advisable to remove costumes and accessories before cleaning the faces and limbs. However, if any part of the doll is decorated with simulated jewels, this should be hand dusted only.

6. Plush or fabric dolls can be spot-cleaned on the surface with a lightly dampened cloth.

7. For doll costumes, clothing and fabric accessories, never put these through a washing machine as the delicate nature of these items most likely won't survive the experience.

8. For vinyl dolls, avoid contact with pens or markers of any type. Vinyl absorbs ink-based liquids and is not removable. Please be careful (from experience!)

New Born Doll (Synthetic) Fragrance Removal

Gorgeous as they are, the New-Born or baby-type dolls are often applied with a synthetic fragrance which is not to dissimilar to baby powder or bath oil.

To clean the doll to reduce this odor if you find it unpleasant, you need to only apply a lightly dampened cloth with lukewarm water - anything more and the vinyl could mark with brush and droplet marks which are harder to remove once dried. (Please see also any care instruction with your doll for specific advice on cleaning.) The dolls clothes will need washing too - hand wash these using warm water (not hot) and a mild detergent. Leave to dry naturally by hanging the garments on a clothes hanger inside your home - a warm kitchen works good.

This will help reduce or even eliminate the synthetic after-effects from your beautiful, and treasured new-born doll.

Have any other tips for doll owners? Please send them in.

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