Doll Abbreviations & Acronyms A-Z

Master Piece DollMaster Piece Doll

Abbreviations and terminology used in the doll collecting world and doll auction sites.

ABJD – Asian ball-jointed doll.

BEBE – A French doll representing a small child.

BISQUE – Unglazed porcelain. Most German and French dolls from the late 1800s and early 1900s had heads made of bisque.

BREVETE – French word for patented. Sometimes abbreviated to Bte. or B.T.E. and found on some antique dolls.

BIN – Buy it now.

BJD – Ball-jointed doll.

BNIB – Brand new in box.

BNWT – Brand new with tags / labels.

BW – Beauty white (milky color skin tone - used in some oriental dolls).

B43 – A number found on vintage Barbie dolls (left buttock) that indicate the shape-mold used.

CM – Closed mouth or closed lips - no mouth opening.

COA – Certificate of authenticity.

DEP – Found on some French and German dolls. French word abbreviation for Patent.

EUC – Excellent used condition.

EX – Excellent condition.

Fate Lade – Fortune Telling doll.

FC – Fine condition.

FR – French resin.

G – Good condition.

GENE – Popular fashion doll by Mel Odom and produced by Ashton Drake starting in the late 1990s.

GES – Abbreviation for "Gesch" - German word for Patent.

GD – Good condition.

HTF – Hard to find item.

JCB – Abbreviation of Jointed Composition Body on a doll.

KID – Common term for soft leather used in some French and German fashion doll bodies.

LB – Large busted doll.

LE – Limited edition.

MIB – Mint in box.

MIJ – Made in Japan.

MNB – Mint condition but no box.

MNT – Mint or perfect condition (subjective).

MIMB – Mint in mint condition box.

MIMP – Mint in mint condition package.

MIP – Mint condition in package.

NIB – New in box.

NM – Near mint condition.

NOS – New but old stock.

NRFB – Never removed from box.

NS – Normal skin (pinky-peach skin tone).

NWOB – New without box.

OB – Original box / In original box.

OOAK – One of a kind.

OM – Open Mouth - open mouth usually with inset teeth.

O/CM – Open Closed Mouth - open uncut mouth without teeth.

OSS – Original Swim Suit.

PE – Painted Eyes.

PL – Painted Lashes (eyelashes).

PLW – Painted Lash Walker (eyelash) doll.

SCR – Scratch.

Slip – Liquid clay and water to make porcelain.

SLW – Straight Leg Walker doll.

SWD – Sweet dream (describes a doll with closed eyes).

TITIAN – Red Hair.

UFK – Unfinished kit (doll with unfinished or unpainted sections or whole).

VGC – Very good condition.

WS – White skin doll (general term).

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